Costa Ricola: A memoir

Costa Rica was amazing! It was so beautiful there. We stayed in this Casa that had a gorgeous view, amazing out-door rain shower, and comfy beds.

One word to sum up the trip: nevergoingtoexperienceanythingquitelikethisagain. I had fun with Kath, Stef & Steph-we learned some dirty words in spanish, took a midnight dip in the pool in full birthday attire, went on a jungle walk (steph kidnapped a baby sloth), went white water rafting, admired beautiful sunsets from the Casa baloncy, layed out by the pool and on the beach, drank 50 pina coladas (daily), and everday got full on some delicious cusine. Best 19th birthday EVVVER.

Coming home to the nice, beautiful, gray-skied-freezing cold-MAKESYOUWANNACRY, Utah weather was dreadful. But atleast my sunburn kept me warm 🙂

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