Last Thursday us girls took now Elder Bellomy out to dinner at Trio. I have known Andrew since elementary school and am way sad that he will be gone for two years serving a mission in Texas. I am glad that I got to spend some time with him at dinner and also last night after he got set apart. I hope that he has a good experience on his mission! Another good friend and long time crush of ms. jack attack, Chuck also left for the MTC today to serve his mission in California. SAD!

…on Saturday we ventured up to the Utley Cabin to attend the annual hoedown! It was a blast. Thanks again Kath for letting us come up there! Hopefully we didn’t get too wild šŸ™‚

IN EXCITING NEWS: Today I saw a tree that has started to change colors and almost started crying with excitement at the thought of Fall. Not only do I plan on fully decorating the house on Harvard to the max in Fall attire, but I also plan on buying a ticket to visit beautiful Camden Maine in about one months time. Can you EVEN imagine the Fall satisfaction people who live there must get every year? I’ll let you know after I move there one day šŸ™‚



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