Here, let me dust off my blog for you.

Well it has been a minute or two and a bit has changed since my last post:

I…. rearranged my room.
Hung out with my older sis Meli more in one week than I have in the last 5 years.
Vigorously, competitively, and actually studied for all of my school exams.
Fell more in love with the McBride children than thought humanely possible.

Got a house on Harvard to move into with my two besties in the summer. SO STOKED.
Have been watching a new Jerry Lewis movie every Sunday night.
Guilt tripped my mom into potentially buying me a puppy.
Went to the orthodontist and paid 150$ to get a new retainer. Whoops.
Won tickets to The Game on the radio.
(p.s. radio giveaways are legit)
Got more responsible: Applied for A job.
Got less responsible: Over drafted my bank account 27 times.
*not to worry, there were no service fees, but i’m pathetic regardless*
Borrowed my sisters beach cruiser bike to ride it to greek souvlaki, butt crack ‘n all.

Started watching “The Bad Girls Club” every night before bed, now I kinda wanna get in a bar fight.
Have been continually missin’ my pigeon and papi.

Till next time,


P.S. next to come: cooking with stef, jackie, and brooke AKA a big hotmess 🙂

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