It’s My Birthday and i’ll…Go to Costa Rica if I want to?

Starting off my birthday celebrations, last night myself and my besties cooked up a wonderful steak dinner. (Steak Saturday) It was deeeeelicious!
We had steak salad, green beans, a baked potato and garlic bread.

After dinner I invited some peeps over for a little birthday party for Chafie and I! It was a lot of fun. People came over to wish us a happy one, and check out the new house!


Me && the ever so adorable, Jordan Layton!

Chuck is one hot piece of man.

After hanging for a little while, Jackie presented our home cooked BIRTHDAY cake!
Seriously, how cute is that?

I loved her.

Oh Jack-Attack!

Birthday Girls!

After taking many pictures with the cake, it was time to sing && blow out some candles.

We were all rebarrassed.

…Well I was going to put what my wish was..but I didn’t make one! HA.

Once everyone left our house, we opened presents && headed down to another party.

Today I am going to eat some b-day dinna with the McBrides and then I am off to the airport to travel to the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica. (or Costa Riccola)

Till next time,


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