School bitz.

Tomorrow I start my 2ND year of college. SO WEIRD. This years goals are hopefully going to help me more academically and not put so much emphasis on hooking up with a teach!!


1.Go to class
2.Do homework at least before 3am of the night before it’s due
3.Meet some hotties
4.Get super sweet A’s on all tests
5.Don’t flake out on night classes!
6.Write and memorize a million flash cards
7.Don’t force Pigeon to do ANY homework for me
8.End the semester without having to retake any of the classes again

Good luck to me!

P.S. Happy One Year Anniversary(and one day) to my Blog!

Oh! P.S.S. I just walked up the stairs and peaked in on Jack-Attack. She was trying to decide what to wear tomorrow- she was checking her outfit out in her mirror, wearing two different pairs of shoes, and sportin’ some teeth whitening trays. 14Th grade here she comes!

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