So I was thinking..

Have you ever thought about why certain words were created for certain things/feelings?…cool, me either. But, if I had, I would probably guess that the person who created the word frustration was most likely on the phone with Comcast trying to figure out why their internet wasn’t working.


Quick photo re-cap of my hour before work:

Needless to say, I drove to work with the AC blasting, music off, and blurry vision due to my, “I have nothing better to offer the world right now but my tears,” situation.

P.S. not to somberly glide my own depressing violin bow or anything, but I am taking my two week old macbook pro into the apple store tomorrow because when it starts up it just can’t seem to let go of the beautiful and mesmerizing appeal of the thing I’d like to refer to from now on as the, “*expletive* great,” page.

Awesome. On a lighter note, this is hilarious:



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