Guate-ma-hola (as my homeboy Fred calls it) has been a blast! The trip here was a little insane. Four small kids and lots of luggage made for an interesting and at times stressful trip.
Really? I know.

We took a little road trip to neighboring country El Salvador! Last year when my two roomies/bff’s(haha) Stef and Jackie came to visit we went on this same trip. The beaches in El Salvador aren’t open to the public. But, the hotel that we stayed at in the city of San Salvador (the capital) has a partnership with another hotel that sits right on the beach and so all the guests can go to the beach! This year we stayed at the same hotel and went to the same beach and again, it was beautiful and warm. I felt a little homesick for my girlies when I was there remembering all the funny things that we did whilst there. 🙂
Last year’s trip:

This Year’s Trip:

The hotel in the city has an amazing view from the roof of the city.

After the road trip to the beach we came back to Guatemala City and got ready for Christmas! Having lived in Utah mostly all my life it’s a different feeling when it’s Christmas time and you’re wearing shorts and flip-flops in 80 degree weather. I’m used to heated blankets and Christmas toe socks, snow ball fights and “chilling” the Martinellis by putting it outside on the patio. Strange!

On Christmas eve we watched The Christmas Story, and even got visited by Santa, it finally started to feel like the holidays. I don’t even want to try and explain how insanely AMAZING the firework display was at midnight, but it was SPECTACULAR! On Christmas I got sick and was for lack of a better word puking for most of the day 🙁 It was fun watching the kids open their presents and it was nice to nap and relax.

Two missionaries from Utah came to eat dinner with our family and we surprised them by bringing them presents from their families! They were way happy and gracious. Funny kids too, reminded me of a certain Elder Bellomy! Later on Christmas day, Cari, my mom, and I went to the MTC and watched their Christmas program. Missionaries from different countries sang their native Christmas songs. It was cool! But–you know when you are in a situation when you shouldn’t laugh? Well, Cari was being hilarious and I LOST CONTROL for most of the program and eventually had to excuse myself. Ahhh that sis of mine!

We are leaving for Tikal tomorrow and won’t be back till New Years Eve. Then I leave early Friday morning for Arizona to visit family and get back to Harvard Ave on Monday!

I hope that everyone’s Christmas was amazing!



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  1. Hauling ALL of our luggage across 14 miles at the Atlanta airport was awesome! Btw, I think the silver hair from the MTC just landed on Elliot's build-a-bear.

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