Jackie and I decided we are going to find our favorite cheese. Starting this adventure we decided that we are going to buy a new type of cheese every Sunday and rate it. This Sunday we got Apple Smoked Gouda. On our scale of 1-10 it got about a 6. But, today as I was enjoying a quick snack it moved to about an 7.5-8. Although seeing as it is the first week and first cheese the rating may go up or down. It was good though. Any suggestions for what we should try next Sunday?

Also, I feel a mad bookworm stage coming on. I haven’t read a book since I finished the Bell Jar last summer. I read Lock&Key from one of my favorite teen writers this last weekend. I started Slaughter-House-Five today and so far have enjoyed the whole 111 pages I’ve gotten through. To add fuel to my bookworm longin’ fire I went to Barnes and Noble…76 dollars and one hell of a book list later I’m feeling pretty content.

I think I’m pretty set for the next little while with this new stash I’ve picked up. But, for future reference–any book recommendations?



4 thoughts on “Books&Cheese

  1. That's SO COOL! When you find the best cheese let me know what it is. I'd suggest one but I don't know any cheeses, sorry.

  2. I love cheese!!! Apple gouda sounds amazing. We are on the same page (so to speak), I'm looking for a good pre-summer book to read. Have a fun Easter!

  3. books i've read in the last year or so i think you'd (and kathlizzle) like:

    blood meridian-cormac mccarthy
    brideshead revisited-evelyn waugh
    the heart is a lonely hunter-carson mccullers
    things fall apart-chinua achebe
    white noise-don delillo
    me talk pretty one day-david sedaris

    glad to see you're reading vonnegut. read cat's cradle next. if you like absurd descriptions of war, we can have inside jokes about catch-22 if you read it.

    and hey, call me sometime soon. i haven't had greek souvlaki in a LONG TIME.

  4. I love cheese and I love books. There's a cheese factory in south Ogden ish that sells the best lavender rub cheese and this rosemary cheddar or mozzarella (I can't remember which one). They are both insanely good. And I highly recommend The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. It takes a little bit to get into but once you're into it, IT'S AMAZING.

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