Happy Birthday, Meli!

30 Reasons Why I love my Sista

Because she..
1. Held my hand when I was little even though I had warts.
2. Loves chatting on the phone with me and listening to all of my going-on’s.
3. Makes my hair look goooood.
4. Buys me MAC makeup and sends it to me from Vegas.
5. Still brings up when I tried to throw a can of soup at her when I was 7.
6. Used to build me couch forts in our basement.
7. Is always up for late night convos!
8. Has to plug her nose when she swims.
9. Gave me piggy back rides everywhere when I broke my leg and couldn’t walk.
10. Took me to get my ears pierced THREE times.
11. Works super hard for everything she has.
12. Does a pretty awesome rendition of Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, hand motions included.
13. Has the cutest/dumbest dog in the universe.
14. Is sincere.
15. Has always been the baby, even though I’m the youngest.
16. Bruises just as easily as I do. TRANSLUCENT!
17. Always paints her toe nails purple.
18. Does this high pitched scream when she gets(doesn’t really) hurt. Adorable.
19. Gave me permanent whip lash from Road Rally Racer.
20. Is sooooo beautiful inside and out!
21. Still talks to me in her baby voice.
22. Makes the best chicken fajitas and guacamole known to man.
23. Can walk in 100 inch heels.
24. Pulled over on beck street and turned her radio up and we danced on the side of the road when I was a little kid.
25. Taught me the words to Love Fool from the Cardinals and I still know them.
26. Laughs the hardest at her own jokes.
27. Is artsy and creative and has created many paintings that I want to steal!
28. Has so much compassion and love for people.
29. Used to let me sit on her lap and drive.
30. Is 30 today and the best older sis any lil’ snatchel could ask for.

Happy Birthday, Mina. I love jew with all my heart.


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