3 thoughts on “Oh the summers I have had..

  1. I just have way too many things to say about these pictures than I can put down in a comment.

    P.s. I'll accept being in only one of the above photos. Even though I know our friendship means way more than that. .. (:

    Book club in a few weeks. READ.

  2. Amanda, at least she included you in a picture. I, on the other hand, am obviously not her favorite sister, as she has led me to believe. Even though I have been her second mother for over 2 years, fed her some of the best meals of her life, and given her some of the best laughs of her life, I seem to be but an invisible figure in her life since the summer of 2005. Yea! Thanks Brooke! Good times! Btw, I LOVE YOU TOO.

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