“Sweet” Parties

The Johnson clan pushed the button for the 6th floor — passport cards in hand, and headed out the elevator doors for the progressive dessert Suite parties.

Top 5 Favorite Moments from the Suite Parties:

1. Mom holding all of our swag that we got from the Sesame Street Suite: (which, if you are wondering was ultimately my FAVORITE suite).

2. Cari pretending to be Super Grover:

3. The cute pics we got ‘framed’ in the Kodak Suite:

4. Mom relaxing like it’s going out of style in the Aveda Suite:

5. Cari writing that she hopes every disaster relief “rubble baby” gets a college scholarship for the Huggies tree of wishes:

I had such a fun time wandering around to all the suites. Each one of them had a different and energetic vibe. I loved all the free product they were giving and mostly I loved all the brand representatives that were all outgoing, welcoming and nice.




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