Tell me styes tell me sweet little styes…

I love Fleetwood Mac. 1. because Stevie Nicks is a BAD.A. 2. Because it reminds me of my brother Mark.

Mark was the BEST older brother growing up. We would go on dates every weekend–dinner and a movie. He has always loved music and aside from Phish we share a lot of the same musical interests. Fleetwood Mac reminds me of driving to the theater or various restaurants with him.

I am reminiscing of why I love FM because of this performance. She’s good (…as I’ve heard of course..because I don’t DVR and/or watch American Idol…)




p.s. 4 more days and 1 year till I turn 21. OH HAPPY DAY.

One thought on “Tell me styes tell me sweet little styes…

  1. Those were some fun times. You were always so sweet. I looked forward to those dates all week. I was taking life slow then. I am inspired by what you believe. In taking life slow. I am grateful you are my sister. Happy Birthday.

    I believe this. I want to become like a gentle river slow and always moving toward the vast ocean of life and love and peace and hope and God. With a constant flow like the beauty of a pure river. That is what I believe. I love you Brookie. Thanks for the kind thoughts.

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