What I’ve done since I’ve been an adult…

I woke up missing my right sock like I have since I was a babbby.I ate my birthday dinner at the McBrides!I lauffed (yes, lauffed) really hard ’cause of Simon..I got a balloon bouquet from my M&D. LOOOVE&& flowers from AlexI hung out with my friends alll day and then went to the Dodo for dinner! MMMMM

I got a traditional naughty cake!I celebrated Stef’s birthday with her at midnight!Went to VegassWith J & D to visit and stay with Meli!Amazing view off her balcony, huh?
I drove with the windows down!
I jumped into love sacs 🙂

I had fun with my besties and Sista at dinner at Firefly and Thunder from Down Under haa haa haa

I said “bye” to Meli and drove back to UT.
I chilled with all my buddies when I got home!
I started bbq season with my roomies!

..and lastly, I left the fridge, dishwasher, and a drawer open AND I left the water on just like my old teenage self. I haven’t changed a bit!

My birthday was amazing and I had a blast in Vegas. Life is gooooood.



p.s. has anyone else been listening to cudi zone on repeat? ‘CAUSE I HAVE.

2 thoughts on “What I’ve done since I’ve been an adult…

  1. BROOKE-

    A) That's the best and most fantastic balloon bouquet I've ever seen!

    B) You hair looks awesome.

    C) Happiest late birthday.

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