It’s my birthday in a week! I’m pretty excited/borderline in shambles.

What I’m doing for my birthday…

-Going to go to dinner with Cari&fam on Sunday
-Going to dinner with friends on Monday
-Going to Vegas on Wednesday to party with Meli&&friends.


Why I’m borderline in shambles….

-Me turning 20 means Meli is 30 and Jyl is going to be 40 and my Mom…OH BOTHER.
-20 is a poignant age, right? “In my twenties..” I don’t know if I can handle that pressure.
-I’m too immature/silly to not be a teen anymore.

In other news…
I dropped some classes and feel good about it. I’ve been on school overload for an entire year and it’s going to be nice to have a lighter class schedule..also I’m stoked to be able to refocus my goals ‘n stuff. Scary as hell though.

I saw Alice in Wonderland and am not sure if I liked it or not. I am still laughing at the fact that the person assigned to pass out the 3D glasses only had one arm. Seriously?

I’m feeling good about where I am, a little confused, but good.



One thought on “wooo!

  1. oh how i love our lives..making dancing people in our spare time who could ask for better friend CHARLAYY…well enough comput on ze couch for tonight…pick up again on this tomorrow night!

    loves n such!

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