Straight up

You guys will never believe what happened to me.

I was getting my tan on in a high pressure bed the other day and with LITERALLY 35 seconds left on the clock I somehow pony kicked the emergency stop button and turned off my bed.

I know what you’re thinking, “Brooke, you should be happy, that’s 35 less seconds of skin cancer you’re getting.”

That’s what I thought too, initially. But you see, in the fancy bed that I was damaging my skin cells, the top door that closes down on you is electric. You can’t push it open or pull it down by yourself…and since I had pony kicked and turned off the bed, the electric remote would no longer work.


After reading a few links (how-to’s mostly), I used the minimal amount of bravery I have and took advantage of the quite extensive case of heat stroke I was suffering from to MIRACULOUSLY finagle/slide out into freedom.

The only aftershocks I have noticed have been a mild case of PTSD and a little claustrophobia (here and there) but overall, I have walked away from this incident unscathed.



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