I just don’t understand:

1. People who take their kids to the Gateway fountains as if it’s a water park. Two words for the those kinds of people: CHEAP ASSES.

2. Picky eaters. I guess I should add, SNOTTY picky eaters. I don’t love everything, but I at least have tried once or twice the things that I don’t enjoy.

(I mean let’s be real, I am probably NEVER going to like eating oysters. Am I going to make a barfing face across the dinner table from you if you are slurping back a couple of those sea creatures? Hell no I’m not.)
If you are a picky eater and you are snotty about what other people like…newsflash: you have no etiquette and/or are not cultured. AT ALL.

3. Why in some cereal commercials they show a huge bowl of cereal and a huge glass of milk? Honestly, who drinks milk IN ADDITION to the milk in their cereal? RIGHT?!

4. Having a fear of flying. I see the whole “omg I could totally crash into the ocean right now,” paranoia. But I honestly don’t understand people that are stuck being homebodies because they are too afraid of dying on an airplane. GET OVER IT. See the world, you piece of shit.

5. People who don’t think this is funny.



2 thoughts on “LIST/RANT

  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
    "Stop being a Summer's Eve" aaahahahahahaaa!!! Brooke, except for the mild profanity laced throughout, you are so stinkin' hilares!!! You're not cultured. AT ALL. Hahahahaha!

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