Lemon bars

I’ve recently acquired a job at this place. I’m pretty excited about it.

Speaking of working, I have wanted a lemon bar from The Sweet Tooth Fairy ever since I randomly picked one up a few weeks ago. There just so happens to be a STF just a few stores down from the BBW, so I’ll randomly go in and check to see if they have their delicious lemon bars whilst on break. They SERIOUSLY have never had any in since I first got one. And let me tell you, it was DAMN GOOD. Anyways, yesterday I went into work (at the bbw) and my dear friend and co-worker told me she had a surprise in the back for me.

The options of what that meant could be endless. But, lucky for me it was this:

Seriously? That is love.



p.s. this is hilarious:

4 thoughts on “Lemon bars

  1. When you said you frequently got a job at this place and I saw a picture of a lemon bar.. I WAS SO EXCITED. Free goodies for everyone! But no.. I guess the other place is cool too.


    Thanks for the blog comment PS. It made my day. Especially the jew part.

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