Okay, so…

I will be the first person to admit that when I read all the Buzzfeed lists and numerous other stories about crying in Fault in our Stars I didn’t really fall for it. I mean, yes, I figured there would be tears (I cry at practically any/everything).

oh boy.

I attended the 7:20 showing at a Loew’s AMC on 19th and Broadway. A few co-workers and I sauntered over after a Tuesday in the office and hunkered down together in the theatre. Since I have had a recent fascination with Shailene Woodley (seriously, I watched the Spectacular Now every night last week) I was immediately enthralled into the storyline. As the movie progressed and got further to the twist and turns of teen romance, I found myself wanting to audibly break down and sob. I willed myself to refrain – but it was not easy. I only wish I had taken a before pic/video:

Go and see it and just Let it ALL out (and not on the uptown 6 train like I did)


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