“please don’t say ‘Croquembouche’ anymore”

–me to Brent after we took home this masterpiece of a french wedding cake his mama made:

We babysat the little miss tonight (and by babysat I mean that we got a free dinner, quality time with meli and pete and a sleepover on a mattress that literally felt like a cloud with snuggles from miss molly).

If you’re wondering if Sof likes puff pastries….

The answer is yes.

Mah babe. ❤️

home again.

Had a great long weekend in Colorado spent hot tubing, snuggling and enjoying a picturesque ski town in a condo with heated floors! It was quite magical, but all good things must eventually come to an end and so we drove home today:But, before the gloom of a vacation ending set in, we got a little dressy and headed out for our first Eccles Theatre visit to see Elf: It was so cute and funny! I loved it.

He’s a fun date.

Happy birthday, baby bear!

Okay, I just love this pic so much I had to share it again within a few posts. It’s this boy’s birthday today! He is, without a doubt, the greatest gift my sissy could have ever given to the world. His imagination (and accompanying sound effects) is so cute to watch come to life.

I was in the hall of the hospital when he was born and I have loved him SO FIERCELY from his first little cry. It literally hurts, the amount of love I have for him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU LITTLE REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUP (but the way you say it)! Here are a few of my favorite pics:


happy thanksgiving!

it’s tgiving pt. 2: breckenridge, colorado edition!

Very excited and grateful to be celebrating with my cutie and his family on thanksgiving this year:

so grateful for many things. my health, family, love and the privilege I get to live an amazing and free life. happy thanksgiving!…now i’m going to go and lay in the fetal position.