team retreatin’ in park city.

Had a blast up in beautiful park city with my amazing team to chat about 2018 priorities and strategy, etc. As always, we had some fun with an electric bike tour of park city!  Since it’s oct. and to be ’tis the season, I wore a bat costume purchased on a whim on Amazon:

It was such a beautiful day!

I really wanted an inverted bat picture and scouted out places all through our ride that I thought would work. When I found one, I needed some help getting all situated:

Brian offered to spot me and reassured that i’d be okay cause he was a cheerleader in college (I LOVE HIM SO MUCH)…but, when I reared back (hahahahahha) i felt like i was going to break my kneecaps simultaneously, so B proposed another idea and Julie got the camera ready:

I haven’t laughed this hard in a REALLY long time. I sure love these two.

And fall:

“help” – Molly: it was a beautiful day:
for razor rides: and shooting guns: FOR THE FIRST TIME: and quality bonding time with your love:YEP:

gonna be a nice little saturday.

Early morning at liberty park raising awareness: i popped and lost about 5—8 of these balloons

Meli and her two babes came out to support (hahahahahahahaha):

Look at molly’s face. then zoom in and look at it again. maybe even zoom in more. HONESTLY. Molls had a sleep over with us….she feels like a service lab!