Happy Halloween!

Miss Molly as Chewbacca:

Here she is with her friend, the taco:

I had a hard and emotional week, so my usual love and planning for Halloween was limited. When glancing around for something to wear, I realized that Brent and I were wearing black jeans, matching Patagonia sweater and all that was missing was a beard and glasses for me. Here you go:

The resemblance is unacnny:

We headed over to Melinda’s trolls land halloween extravaganza and it was everything AND MORE than I hoped/knew it would be:

The cloud. DEAD.

host murder mystery party: check

Hosted alongside my fave, HRH Kyle, a murder mystery for a group of our friends last night. It was so much fun! We purchased a kit online and honestly for how busy we both are and how little time we could put to planning it, it was a blast! Everyone got pretty into character and the ending was a surprise even to me — haha ! If you’re thinking about hosting one, do it.

TwichCon 2018.

Headed off to California to my third annual TwitchCon! It was a great trip.

Brent made sure I didn’t miss him or Molly too much!

Love this amazing team (and hibachi!)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth!Couldn’t wait to get home to this gremlin And my lubbinsTw


See what I did there? For this book club, we brought our loves, in costume, and celebrated Halloween together with games, snackies and laughs. Sure love this group of women (and their men!) Don’t ask what Brent and I dressed up as. I couldn’t tell you!