Happy Halloween!

Miss Molly as Chewbacca:

Here she is with her friend, the taco:

I had a hard and emotional week, so my usual love and planning for Halloween was limited. When glancing around for something to wear, I realized that Brent and I were wearing black jeans, matching Patagonia sweater and all that was missing was a beard and glasses for me. Here you go:

The resemblance is unacnny:

We headed over to Melinda’s trolls land halloween extravaganza and it was everything AND MORE than I hoped/knew it would be:

The cloud. DEAD.

host murder mystery party: check

Hosted alongside my fave, HRH Kyle, a murder mystery for a group of our friends last night. It was so much fun! We purchased a kit online and honestly for how busy we both are and how little time we could put to planning it, it was a blast! Everyone got pretty into character and the ending was a surprise even to me — haha ! If you’re thinking about hosting one, do it.

TwichCon 2018.

Headed off to California to my third annual TwitchCon! It was a great trip.

Brent made sure I didn’t miss him or Molly too much!

Love this amazing team (and hibachi!)

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth!Couldn’t wait to get home to this gremlin And my lubbinsTw