Here are ten things you probs didn’t know about me:

1. I hate grasshoppers. They make me SO nervous because you NEVER know what they are thinking, or going to do/kill.
2. If/when I eat yogurt, I prefer to eat it with a spoon that has been in the freezer all night long.
3. I don’t actually know how to read.
4. Just kidding.
5. I can do an amazing pigeon impersonation.
6. I would rather ride in the backseat of a Fiat on a 14 hour road trip than put on my duvet cover.
7. My name is actually Brooklyn.
8. Just kidding.
9. I respect a good, bone crushing handshake – it’s like, you are just screaming “NICE TO MEET YOU.”
10. Grape popsicles are the best treat – all year long.

i love you,


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