only one more midterm to go.

I love how a sunny day can make everything feel right in the world. DLST is just around the corner and I can almost feel summer (well, when I am all suited up in my woobie outfit*).

This summer is going to be a crazy one for me. I am moving to London in the beginning of May to do an internship study abroad through the University of Utah. I am secretly hoping that I run into GP+CM and they ask me to come be their children’s nanny. (What was that you just said? No, I don’t hate kids. Where did you hear that?) And yes, I am going to come home with an accent.

Lots of things have been making me furiously happy lately including:
-Dinner dates with my sissy
-Stef’s text/picture messages. HILAR.Super glued pen to the desk

She super glued a pen on a desk at work

Rob Delaney
-Late night with Chelsea Handler

Ugh. Lists. Anyways, I have been reminiscing about what I was doing around this time last March. I was less than a week away from turning 21. I was probably packing for my spring break trip to Cali, letting my spray tan air dry, and listening to Jbiebs.

Good times.



*Woobie outfit includes: fuzzy bbw socks, black “ugly” boots, jeans, long sleeve thermal, and a black (sometimes red) Ned’s Crazy Sub sweater. Giving you that toasty summer feeling – all year long.

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