baby drew.

On Monday, J and I went and visited her older sister Janna who just gave birth to a beautiful little babe named Drew. She’s so cute and soft and tiny. I even got to hold her (against my will) and am proud to say that she is doing just fine.



LOVE YOU, babes.


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  1. Hey there! i started following you yesterday or the day before. I can’t remember which. I did a Google search asking if regular nail polish could use used with gel polish stuff and came across your very awesome post.

    I used to be the same way when it came to babies….scared to death! Now I love them. 🙂 It took my older sister having her first baby before I wasn’t so scared of them. Now they are all growing up, but I keep pestering my sisters to have more babies. My little sister actually just had a baby boy on 4/15, but she lives in Canada and I haven’t had a chance to plan a trip up there.


    • Hi Amber! Thanks for reading. I totally feel ya on the babies thing – I want my older sis to have a baby too! That way I can practice and see if I could ever be a mom! haha

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