First last day of school.

Tomorrow is my last day of college. I still have a few more days of my internship to complete and a take home final for my mass comm law class – but tomorrow is my official last day that I will be spending on campus as a student.

I have been SO focused these past few months on making it to this point, that I think I may have not really taken advantage of being a student and the amazing atmosphere that is the U of U campus. I have been so focused on just making it, on just getting to the end, that I didn’t even really look to see what that means. Like, the growing up ‘n stuff parts.

I have the butterflies. I want to lay out my outfit for tomorrow. I want someone to take my picture with my backpack on. I am regressing to the feelings of the night before the first day of high school.

To be honest, I am scared to death. I have been so buried and concentrated on the day to day that I am just now starting to think about what it will mean to be done. What mondays and tuesdays will be like. What life will be like. It makes me want to throw up and celebrate all at the same time.



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