Awards ‘n stuff.

So, I entered this internship contest and I totally WON! So exciting. They honored all of the winners on Tuesday and I invited sissylongstockings and J to come and celebrate. They had lots of goodies and I even had to give a little speech (so embarrassing/you can totally tell I am more of a behind-the-scenes-girrrrl) You can watch it here: youtube.
uworkuwin April 16, 2013 24 uworkuwin April 16, 2013 23 uworkuwin April 16, 2013 2561uworkuwin April 16, 2013 2567 uworkuwin April 16, 2013 2570 uworkuwin April 16, 2013 2579Cari is SUCH a nerd – look at her name badge:uworkuwin April 16, 2013 2571Anyways, it was a really fun event and I was so honored to be included! I have absolutely loved my internship experiences that I have been able to have through the U – life changing!

Later on in the day, Jesika asked me to stand in (PLAY) on her rec softball team that just started. They were down a player and DESPERATELY needed someone. So, I said yes thinking they just needed an extra body. I kid you not 5 seconds after getting into the dugout I was up to bat. Let me just say I AM terrible at sports – add black hair and this is pretty much me on any given day:


After batting, I was in the outfield thinking about how if the ball were to come to me, how I would just run it in instead of throwing – just then a ball came RIGHT to me. I threw it in…and let me tell you – it was beautiful:


It was really fun! Thanks for subbing me in, Jes!take me out you're killing me smalls




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