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Today was my last day at KSL. What a journey this experience has been! I mean, remember when I interviewed for the internship in November? And did horrible? I didn’t know who Harry Reid was or that Sudan was in Africa, not Asia. Or is it? (shoot).

And then remember a few weeks after my interview when HR called me and told me that I would start in January and I was so shocked I started laughing. And then called my mom and laughed with her. (just for the record I will never, for the rest of my life, be able to live my interview down. EVER.)

Let’s go down memory lane…
First day on the job I got a flat tire, had to take a cab to work and was 25 minutes late:
On my first day I attended the daily morning story meeting and then at 5pm I saw those stories that were pitched come to life on TV. I got to see the magic happen and sit in the control room as Natalie used social tools to engage our viewers:IMG_8174


A few weeks in, my first story got written on the pitch board. (upiracy) It didn’t make it on TV but it was still THRILLING:
IMG_8291Just a few weeks later my story actually made it onto the news! I felt so cool. Then I was on TV (with my eyes closed) for KSL’s Go Red to raise awareness for women’s health:

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 6.11.32 PM

Then Natalie had the whole newsroom do the Harlem Shake. It played on air. Three times! #famous:

I am famous - News Feb. 8 2013 _136039068076522_7
After I was done being famous – I’d walk to lunch:

IMG_8313Or sneak behind-the-scenes shots of me + reporters reporting around the newsroom:

IMG_8549Or go and see Natalie speak about social media:



Moral of this whole story is, I loved my internship. I loved being in the newsroom. I loved learning about news and what goes into broadcasting and reporting it. Even though I may be a little too fluffy – I loved the style of it all. Today Natalie was out of town and left me in charge (not really). I went to the morning meeting for the last time:

IMG_0100After getting back to my desk, I had cookies and a sweet card:


I did a live chat with SelectHealth about diabetes:

I posted our teases and got farewell wishes from peeps in the newsroom. Then I ended the day running social in the control room. Just where I sat on my first day, but today I did it all by myself:

Miss this place already. Hopefully I’ll get back there one day.

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