If you’re bored then you’re boring.

I want to write some type of 5-graph essay that will explain to you what I am feeling right now. But, I think that nervous/anxious/excited/barfy pretty much sums it up.

I just have to say though, I am really going to miss jamming out to various albums in my car. I blast my tunes with the windows rolled down almost 365. (maybe that’s why my hair is always constantly a rat’s nest? hm)

ANYWAYS, I am really excited for the faraway future because Jackie and I are going to venture to Chi-town to go to lollapalooza and see TBK.

Also, I kicked last semester’s ass.



2 thoughts on “If you’re bored then you’re boring.

  1. Ahhhhh!!! I love you Brooke and I will miss you terribly! But I’m SUUUUPER excited for your adventure. Make every minute count and come back with no regrets!! P.S. Way to go on your first semester at the U!

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