Londontown – day 1.

After Cari dropped me off at the airport yesterday, I was still feeling pretty nervous/barfy – but, my quick flight to Chicago was easy and by the time I landed I was feeling a bit better.

I decided that I wanted to get a chicken caesar salad and then wait at my gate for the hour and a half lay over I had at O’hare.

Well, whilst swallowing a crouton I totally started to choke. Like, when I tried to breath in just a whirling/sucking/iamdoingtodie sound happened – no air. Luckily I did’t have to get the heimlich from another traveler. PHEW.

Anyways, I got on the plane, called and said goodbye to Cari beri and my Mom and then I was off. I watched The Social Network, burned off my tastebuds via hot beef&rice, and slept until breakfast.

The train into Paddington was really easy, and I had a cabbie drop me off at my front door. I have been hanging with the boys who got in yesterday, and am awaiting the arrival of my female flat mates.

Today we walked around a lot, got lost (but not really), enjoyed a chicken/chorizo wrap with pickles, and went in the grocery store. EXCITING.




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