My commute:

I am now going to post pictures and show the journey to and from my internship:
Walking to the Marble Arch underground Taking the escalator down into the (ch)tunnel
Going on the Central line east to Chancery Lane
Looking right and then left The building my internship is in Waiting in the lovely reception area Taking a trip to the loo By mid-afternoon I was up to my eyeballs in new tasks to try and master – which I really quite enjoyed. Admittedly, I am still really nervous about royally messing something up.

Here is my view from the train there and back After I got home, I met my flat mates at the Duke (which is becoming a staple hangout) and then we eventually went to Windsor Castle – which has a handlebar club that I SO wish Connor was here to attend on one Friday while I am here Then I came home and found Mads in an equally hilarious position as when I found her with her sammich




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