New York City – Day 2

The saga of a blistered foot:

Today was amazing! It was hot and humid, but amazing. My feet are all blistered and I have cankles but it’s all good. We started the day off with some delicous bagels + smear. yum! Then we ventured down towards Broadway and we got on a double decker tour bus (just to get the lay of the land) and it took it us all through Uptown. Yay! First we went up on the Upper West Side – through Morningside Heights and Harlem and then back down the Upper East Side (where I am going to be living). It was nice to see what that area has (so much stuff!) Cause I am going to be off looking for adventures in that area pretty soon!

New York Day 2 May 31, 2013 _1077After the Uptown tour, Cari and I jumped on the Downtown tour. It was SO hot. We sat in traffic under the hot sun and it about killed us both! After going through Times Square Soho, Greenwich Village, and Chinatown – we hopped off and headed back to the theater district so that we could try and get lottery tickets to see Wicked. We didn’t end up getting them which was so sad – but, after getting a little snack and drink we were feeling up to getting BACK ON the bus (we can’t even believe it after it almost killed us earlier) for the night tour. It was so much fun! Our guide was hilarious and with the sun down and less traffic – the weather up on the double decker was perfect. We wound through downtown and then went over the Manhattan Bridge over to Brooklyn (this part gave us some supa good views of Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge). We drove around Brooklyn a little bit too. Love how green all the trees are.

New York Day 2 May 31, 2013 2817 New York Day 2 May 31, 2013 _1079 New York Day 2 May 31, 2013 _2963New York Day 2 May 31, 2013 2851 New York Day 2 May 31, 2013 2857 New York Day 2 May 31, 2013 2862 New York Day 2 May 31, 2013 2878 New York Day 2 May 31, 2013 2888

After the tour ended, we took the subway down to Little Italy and ate some pizza at the famous Lombardi’s. It was DELISH. After dinner, we got ourselves a fried oreo at the street fair. It was so good. Might have to make the trip down there more often…

New York Day 2 May 31, 2013 _1107 New York Day 2 May 31, 2013 _1113 New York Day 2 May 31, 2013 _2996

Now we are back at my cousin Megan’s house – ahhhhh. I am going to go and jump in the shower and go to bed.

Tomorrow we are off to do some more touristy things – and then maybe take a quick walk over the Brooklyn bridge later on.



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