Rainy Monday –

‘Ello, Dahlings. I have already been speaking in an English accent like an ass ALL day. All my flat mates are doing it as well.

Today was our Anglo American orientation – our school is quite nice, and all of the people made us feel very welcome. After our orientation my group and I got some lunch at Ask and then headed over to Oxford Street so that we could get a blow dryer and a hair straightener. I also requested we pop into a book store so that I could purchase the first two Harry Potter books to read on my time off. WHY WOULDN’T I?

I am settling in nicely. I am sharing a room with a girl named Maddie. Here she is: She fell asleep last night with half her sammie left! Silly girl.

Oxford Street:


Been a great day.



One thought on “Rainy Monday –

  1. Hahahaha it was so fun to Face Time with you earlier. I especially loved that all your “flat mates,” as you so locally call them, spoke in English accents. Hahaha that’s so awesome. Love you and I’m so glad you’re having a great time sissy!!

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