The Windsor Castle

Today I ventured on my first solo trip to my internship site. It was a test run for the real thing which is tomorrow morning at 9am. Woo!

After I got home, my flat mate Kyle and I went to this pub down the street that is called The Windsor Castle. It is a great little English pub and the bartender (is that what they’re called here?) was sassy and proud of his little spot.

The rest of the gang came and met up with us after and then we got some dinner at another little pub down the street. I got some bangers and mash. MMMM.

I hung with my group for the rest of the day/night. They are all hilarious. We watched this show called Embarrassing Bodies and it was disgusting.

I am loving my time here thus far – can’t believe how much time has already passed. Wish me luck for my internship tomorrow!



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