Today I took the metro into D.C. from Virginia. I got off at the Smithsonian stop and walked over to the Holocaust Museum. I had a ticket for 1pm and spent a good 3.5 hours touring around. It was fascinating. Watching video clips and seeing pictures from Dachau reminded me of my trip there last year.DC August 18, 2013  2999 DC August 18, 2013  3002 DC August 18, 2013  2994 DC August 18, 2013  2988I thought the museum was great – kind of crowded – but really great. I have wanted to go for a really long time, so check!

Tonight I FaceTimed with my little chickens. I cried when I saw their faces. I am missing these little pieces of peanut brittle so much lately:

DC August 18, 2013  3005I LOVE YOU,



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