Galactic Nails

Doing mah nails the other day and tried to go with a basic black nail with black glitter (but my glitter wasn’t sparkly enough and it didn’t show up over the black polish #fail) so, I decided that I would do purple glitter (but, just sporadically because it is a bit too much to cover the whole nail). I loved how it turned out! Very space-like.
Galatic Nails - May 16, 2013 645
I did the normal steps: base coat, top coat, black regular nail polish, top coat and then I added the glitter by sprinkling it on (then dusting it off with a brush) and then applying a final top coat. Kind of a long process, but I am really happy with how they turned out!
Galatic Nails - May 16, 2013 685

(how UFO feeling is my selfie? RIGHT?)

What are your favorite ways to do your nails?



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