How to: French Toast PB&J

Hi! I love me a good brunch. This weekend, I decided that I’d penny pinch and only eat from home (so boring, right?) WRONG! With just a few ingredients (I am using the word ingredients loosely) I created quite the delicious sammy below (not the first person, but alas).

To start (sups lazy version): go to Trader Joe’s and purchase their frozen French toast. Come back from the store and proceed to cook said purchased frozen French toast for 50 seconds each all while pulling out your favorite jam (raspberry preserves, obvs) and PB. Then proceed with the following steps:

Add toppings! I had a banana on my counter and so I sliced that up and added it to my sammy. I am guessing you could get preeeetty crafty with your toppings choices – but that is entirely up to you. Either way, first layer should appear like something close to this:French Toast PB&J 13 Then add your PB&J! (duh)French Toast PB&J 18Here it is: (but wait, there’s more)
French Toast PB&J 32 I had an extra rogue piece of French T to nuke up so I decided to make this baby a tower. You got it right, add ANOTHER layer to the sammy. I added the rest of my banana (living on the edge here, people)French Toast PB&J 51Add the top piece of toast and you get something that looks like this:French Toast PB&J 54HFS. It was delicious. I cut it up into 4 little halves and shared (1/4 with my roomie, cause I am a stingy bitch.)

In hindsight, I’d probably add some powdered sugar.




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