New York City: Day Four


Last night Cari and I stayed up super late watching Ghost on Netflix. SO GOOD. So we had a bit of a slow morning. Finally we got all packed up and ready and headed out to go and check me in to my new apartment. My room is on the 8th floor and the wall is full of windows! I definitely lucked out.
New York Day 4 June 2, 2013 3071
After dropping off my stuff – we headed to Bed Bath & Beyond to get all of my house stuff. Cari & I riding the subway:
New York Day 4 June 2, 2013 3078
New York Day 4 June 2, 2013 3083
Check out this cool cart escalator at Bed Bath & Beyond:
New York Day 4 June 2, 2013 1186
A million dollars later we were in a cab back to my apartment. It’s coming together quite nicely! I am very excited. My roomie has yet to appear (crossing my fingers they never show up so I can have my own room!).
New York Day 4 June 2, 2013 3088
Cari and I hung out in my room and watched Moonrise Kingdom before she had to head to the airport. I went with her because she had to make a train transfer and I didn’t want her to carry her bag up and down a bunch of stairs by herself – before I knew it her train was there to take her away. SO SAD! She’s my best friend, sissy, and my second mum. I instantly broke down – it’s hard to be alone here in this big city – but, I am excited to get out and about and start meeting new people.

Tonight though, I am feeling awfully homesick (honestly, punch me in the face right now, huh?) I am so excited to start my internship tomorrow.

Tune in tomorrow for the full recap!



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