5 things I did today:
1. Woke up at 7am (without an alarm) #adult
2. Tried to get lottery tickets to the Book of Mormon with Cam & Jordan. (we didn’t get them – be we did adventure around Times Square)

Me & Jordan in Time's Square June 8, 2013jpeg

3. Went to Trader Joe’s and got some of my favorite snacks and foods (uhm, pita chips x3)
trader's joes subway adventure june 8, 2013
4. Did laundry in my apartment building for the first time. Yahoo!
5. Watched Wreck it Ralph with my cousin Poppy + then Mad Men at my cousin Megan’s house while she and her hubs had a night out on ze town.

The weather was amazing today – not too hot or cold and it didn’t rain a single drop. I got a lot done and then got to relax at my cousin’s house – nice first little Saturday night on my own in NYC.

Random thought:
I have this book that I impulsively bought at Barnes & Noble in’s one of those books where you answer a question a day for 5 years.

For 3 months I kept the receipt on the January 1st page because after I got it home I figured I would NEVER write a note everyday for 5 years, thus deciding it was a bad purchase.

In March I found the book and realized that the return receipt had expired, and so I decided that I would just do it. I would write an answer every day for 5 years..

Since that day in March I have answered a question every single day. Most  days I answer the question and move on to the next task (probably watching Arrested Development on Netflix but that’s a totally different story). Anyways, today’s question was: What makes you miserable?

Instantly a few things jumped in my mind: waiting in line at any/all Wal-Mart’s, putting duvet covers on, overhearing a loud gum chomp or two.

But before I put the pen to paper, I really thought about the question…and I think that the real thing that makes me miserable is the fear of loss – of losing something or someone. It’s so weird and heartbreaking and nostalgic and uncontrollable – it’s too many things at once.

Sending lots of love to all of those who are feeling miserable today.



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