Today New York threw up on me.

5 things that I did today:
1. Woke up early enough to blow dry my hair:
New York City June 10, 2013 473
2. Made an iced chai at work with Trader Joe’s spicy chai mix. (YUM!!!!)
3. Went to dinner with Jyl & the boys in Times Square.
4. Didn’t transfer trains at the right stop, went in the complete opposite direction that I was trying to go, was on the wrong platform for the escalator and had to walk up 6 sets of stairs, couldn’t get a cab, got a cab and had to walk through a huge puddle:
New York City June 10, 2013 476New York City June 10, 2013 480
5. Finally made it to my destination (FHE) – and it was totally worth it. I had a great time.

Oh Monday.



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