Today, I took (killlllled it) my first mass comm law exam. Wahoo! One down, three more to go (icandoiticandoiticandoiticandoit). Tonight, Meli and I went over to my sister Cari’s house to work on a top secret present for my dad’s 70th birthday party that is coming up this month. Meli (aka aunt mel-ween-a) gave babybear a “hairtut”. He is the CUTEST little human. I mean….really:

hairtut peaz feb 5. 2014

Tonight Jesika and I went and saw Warm Bodies. It was hilar. I lol’d pretty much the whole movie.



Happy Thanksgiving!

Had a great holiday with my family. Went and slept over on Wednesday night at Cari’s house and went to Twilight with Cari, Jyl, and Mark! So cheesy/good. Then on Thursday I lounged around with the kids while the grown ups got dinner ready! Missed my parents as always.



Also, Happy 85th Birthday, GMAS! Miss your sass!