Last week in a nutshell.

Monday – Went to my internship and had a jolly ol’ time. I franked the post – Then came home to spider man in my hall –
Tuesday – Help! My sushi roll has fallen and it can’t get up – I also burned the shit out of my face whilst using my roomies hair straightener – Also, we pranked the flat two stories down from us –
Wednesday – I pulled a Peter Pan and had my shadow stuck to me. Oh wait –
Thursday – I was sick alll day but you bet your ass that didn’t stop me from posing for some pics in front of Tower Bridge –
Friday – Developed a full blown cold (whining, sore throat, stuffy nose, and all) but still went to school and our field trip to The Globe for Shakespeare’s Henry V – Also saw St. Paul’s up close –
Saturday – Felt loads better and ventured to Hampstead Heath which is this beautiful town and park with great views of London. Also got a chicken fajita wrap that was DELICIOUS. –
Sunday – Went to changing of the Guard with Kyle – Then we got our first and last Sunday roast – lamb with mint sauce. MMM