Happy one week, NYC.

I survived my first week in NYC and my first week as a PR intern. Wahooooo! Virtual high-five’s ALL around.
New York City June 7, 2013 272

Today was especially fun – after work I took the subway to 86th street and then a cab over to the Met where I chatted with my mom on the phone and then met up with Cam & Jordan (who are visiting from SLC). It was so much fun and surreal to be at the Met with my old friends (I am talking kindergarten, people.) After the museum closed we decided we would go and get pizza and it was like a shower outside of rain…INSANE. We took a cab and got some pizza. Yum.

Now I am in my jammies and getting ready for bed. Here is a little photo recap for the week:
New York City June 7, 2013 278

New York City June 7, 2013 281

New York City June 7, 2013 289

New York City June 7, 2013 298

New York City June 7, 2013 294

New York City June 7, 2013 303

New York City June 7, 2013 310

New York City June 7, 2013 311

New York City June 7, 2013 312



First day

Today I:
Got ready for my first day of my internship
Commuted through the pouring rain
Met a group of awesome fellow interns
Met a million PR professionals in the office
Got all situated in my desk – got all of my bookmarks bookmarked
Started my first to-do list
Learned about my first upcoming tasks and projects
Joked with my deskmates
Commuted through the pouring rain
Ate some cereal and chatted with my sissy’s and mom about my first day
Really, really missed my family and home.

Day two tomorrow.



Oh hi, I am moving to New York City.

Who am I? Seriously. I don’t know how I get myself into these amazing opportunities – but I have found myself with an internship in the big apple for the summer. I am so excited/scared to start this adventure (I am moving in less than THREE weeks).




Don’t worry – I’ve got this on lock.



That’s all she wrote.

Today was my last day at KSL. What a journey this experience has been! I mean, remember when I interviewed for the internship in November? And did horrible? I didn’t know who Harry Reid was or that Sudan was in Africa, not Asia. Or is it? (shoot).

And then remember a few weeks after my interview when HR called me and told me that I would start in January and I was so shocked I started laughing. And then called my mom and laughed with her. (just for the record I will never, for the rest of my life, be able to live my interview down. EVER.)

Let’s go down memory lane…
First day on the job I got a flat tire, had to take a cab to work and was 25 minutes late:
On my first day I attended the daily morning story meeting and then at 5pm I saw those stories that were pitched come to life on TV. I got to see the magic happen and sit in the control room as Natalie used social tools to engage our viewers:IMG_8174


A few weeks in, my first story got written on the pitch board. (upiracy) It didn’t make it on TV but it was still THRILLING:
IMG_8291Just a few weeks later my story actually made it onto the news! I felt so cool. Then I was on TV (with my eyes closed) for KSL’s Go Red to raise awareness for women’s health:

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 6.11.32 PM

Then Natalie had the whole newsroom do the Harlem Shake. It played on air. Three times! #famous:

I am famous - News Feb. 8 2013 _136039068076522_7
After I was done being famous – I’d walk to lunch:

IMG_8313Or sneak behind-the-scenes shots of me + reporters reporting around the newsroom:

IMG_8549Or go and see Natalie speak about social media:



Moral of this whole story is, I loved my internship. I loved being in the newsroom. I loved learning about news and what goes into broadcasting and reporting it. Even though I may be a little too fluffy – I loved the style of it all. Today Natalie was out of town and left me in charge (not really). I went to the morning meeting for the last time:

IMG_0100After getting back to my desk, I had cookies and a sweet card:


I did a live chat with SelectHealth about diabetes:

I posted our teases and got farewell wishes from peeps in the newsroom. Then I ended the day running social in the control room. Just where I sat on my first day, but today I did it all by myself:

Miss this place already. Hopefully I’ll get back there one day.

Last first day

(hopefully). Yesterday was my last first day of school! I started my last semester at the University of Utah. My schedule is going to be INSANE this semester (hence the “hopefully”). I am feeling pretty optimistic that I am going to kick it’s ass, but who knows.

I am finishing up my remaining classes and also doing a 16 hour p/week internship with KSL. I am going to be working on social media in the News department. Definitely going to be a change of pace, but I am really looking forward to it.


I have a thing for taking a back to school picture of myself (I know, I know). I believe that I have officially taken the CREEPIEST one of all time:

creepiest photo of al time - back to school jan 8, 2013

I am trying to improve my writing skills, and thus am being fully entertained by Eats, Shoots & Leaves. IWISHIWASENGLISHSOBAD:

Last first day - Jan 9, 20132

Today, I went to Trader Joe’s (oh boy) and got two bagfuls of stuff.

Last first day - Jan 9, 20133


I am in love with everything I got. Especially this:Last first day - Jan 9, 20134

After getting home and picking up two big packages (more on that later) from the office in my apartment building, I ran out of a hands and a neighbor of mine carried my package all the way to my apartment for me! How nice of him, right? Thanks, #215.

Tonight in my Politics and Persuasion class, we had a quiz at the end. One of the questions asked who the Vice President was…I honestly spent 3 minutes thinking of what his name was! All I could think of was his huge teeth, Dick Cheney, and Osama Bin Laden. Weird, right? I wrote all of those answers down before scribbling in all caps, JOE BIDEN. It’s going to be a great semester.