Was driving with my windows down, listening to some tunes and i had one of those summertime moments of feeling SO content and happy. Maybe it was cause I had a blast playing softball and even more fun at dinner with the team after, or because I have such a great group of people in my life right now…but I swear it’s the warm wind whipping through my windows and tangling the absolute shit out of my hair that gets me feeling this way every. single. summer.

So, to elicit your own sense of complete contentness, I implore you to listen to the below songs while cruising with your windows down (there are only three cause you’re gonna blast them on repeat, DUH!):

Listen to me 1.

Listen to me 2.

Listen to me 3. (old skooooool. in fact, while you’re at it, just listen to the whole damn album)


yes, you.