Weekend at the cinema

This past weekend I spent around 9 hours at the movies. I saw Les Miserables, Django Unchained, and Lincoln.


Les Miserables:
Okay, so I totally don’t really like musicals (they are ALWAYS 7 songs too long) but this movie was GOOD. It was so intense the whole 2 hours and 37 minutes. The music is so pretty and the story is good. I did feel like it was pretty long – but, for hating musicals I thoroughly enjoyed this picture.Fantine Les Mis

Django Unchained:
Quentin Tarantino you’ve done it again! I loved, loved, LOVED this movie. Jamie Foxx was superb and so was Leo.

Django Unchained



Woah. DDL was AMAZING. I have had a little crush on Mr. Lincoln ever since I saw him at the Lincoln memorial in D.C. when I was 8. What an amazing man! I cried at the end, like tears streaming down ma’ face.

There are some really good flicks out there! Go and get some popcorn and enjoy any/all.



Christmas Sleepover!

After work, I went to dinner with two of my old friends, Raelyn and Sasha. After din, I went and picked up my two little chickens and we started our Christmas Sleepover Party!

1. Bowling:
Christmas Sleepover! Bowling Dec. 18, 2012802Christmas Sleepover! Bowling Dec. 18, 2012815

Christmas Sleepover! Bowling Dec. 18, 2012808Christmas Sleepover! Bowling Dec. 18, 2012818


Christmas Sleepover! Bowling Dec. 18, 2012831

2. Root beer floats:

Mix as much ice cream as desired (preferably vanilla bean) with A&W diet root beer. Ends up not being a SUPER high in calorie treat!

3. Santa Clause

This is my favorite movie of ALL time. I could probably say the whole movie verbatim.


I love these girls,


Adventureland Outfit

Admission: I may or may not have a serious ‘1-click shop’ Amazon Prime shopping problem. (emphasis on the HAVE).

Today, when I turned my little mail key and opened my tiny little mailbox I found a package inside. Want to know what was inside that package? THIS FREAKING SHIRT:
Adventureland Shopping Addiction

It’s a novelty tee from one of my favorite movies, Adventureland. (raise your hand if you are a TOTAL nerd. *I am raising both of my hands).

Anyways, I am super exited about it and am thinking I will pair it with an outfit just like this:
Adventureland Outfit

See you around,