Today, I took (killlllled it) my first mass comm law exam. Wahoo! One down, three more to go (icandoiticandoiticandoiticandoit). Tonight, Meli and I went over to my sister Cari’s house to work on a top secret present for my dad’s 70th birthday party that is coming up this month. Meli (aka aunt mel-ween-a) gave babybear a “hairtut”. He is the CUTEST little human. I mean….really:

hairtut peaz feb 5. 2014

Tonight Jesika and I went and saw Warm Bodies. It was hilar. I lol’d pretty much the whole movie.



Christmas Sleepover!

After work, I went to dinner with two of my old friends, Raelyn and Sasha. After din, I went and picked up my two little chickens and we started our Christmas Sleepover Party!

1. Bowling:
Christmas Sleepover! Bowling Dec. 18, 2012802Christmas Sleepover! Bowling Dec. 18, 2012815

Christmas Sleepover! Bowling Dec. 18, 2012808Christmas Sleepover! Bowling Dec. 18, 2012818


Christmas Sleepover! Bowling Dec. 18, 2012831

2. Root beer floats:

Mix as much ice cream as desired (preferably vanilla bean) with A&W diet root beer. Ends up not being a SUPER high in calorie treat!

3. Santa Clause

This is my favorite movie of ALL time. I could probably say the whole movie verbatim.


I love these girls,