love attack.

I have a never ending supply of love and support from my family. Today from my mum:

 I am just getting ready to leave for the MTC and I had an overwhelming impression to write to you and tell you that I LOVE YOU!  I hope you have a wonderful day.  Please know what a wonderful privilege it is to be your mother and friend.  You are an awesome young woman and I am so proud of you for the good person you are.

 All my love and kisses, MOM (aka piggy or moo, depending on your mood – haha)

I love my mom so much. She’s just the greatest. So many cuddles and smacks are coming her way when she and my dad come into town next month.
IMG_5819 IMG_5818

So anyways,

I have had so much going on the this last month. I spent most of my weekends away — learning, laughing, traveling, experiencing. I attended the EVO conf, had a full-on 5siblings+parents+grandparent reunion in Pcity. I worked, I moved in with my Sissy.

I’ve been damn busy. I am going to visit my favorite person in Chicago tomorrow. I am overly excited/nervous/anxious/furiously happy to get to see him and wander through Chicago. I’ve never been. Have you? How is it? I’m already hot. And sweaty. Is that weird? Anyways, after I snuggle/bombard/SMOOCH my GBF I am going to visit my parents in Guatemala. I love Central America. And my parents. It’s going to be a great end to my summer.

But then what? I have been searching tirelessly for what I am supposed to be doing with my time/life/existence/power/money. And yes, I agree, I too think that I should be living in Maine for the Fall, and going to London for Christmas, and D.C. cherry blossom sighting in the Spring. Right?

I found an old fortune the other day when I was moving, it said:
Contentment is just around the corner for you. Look forward!

Hell yes.