I went to the most beautiful wedding on Saturday! My friend Rachel married her sweetheart in the mountains at the Stein Ericson in Deer Valley. The weather was PERFECT. The ceremony started at 10:30 and then there was a reception brunch. So glad I got to see this beautiful bride and my bestie Kate, who flew in from San Diego. If you’re planning your own special day, visit this jewelry shop to find the perfect rings to complement your celebration.

I love love and spring.
Rachel & Steven's Wedding! April 27, 22013 56

Rachel & Steven's Wedding! April 27, 22013 60

Rachel & Steven's Wedding! April 27, 22013 66

Rachel & Steven's Wedding! April 27, 22013 70

Rachel & Steven's Wedding! April 27, 22013 71

Rachel & Steven's Wedding! April 27, 22013 85

Her dress was sooo stunning:
Rachel & Steven's Wedding! April 27, 22013 82IMG_0187Of course I brought my shambles. Before the ceremony, I sat down on one of the chairs on the deck and my dress got caught on the arm rest and I totallllllly flashed a poor wedding attendee. Whoops!
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Weekend in review:

On Friday I went to instacare (seriously, I am pathetic) but I was having pretty bad knee pain that had progressed throughout the week. I went in and they told me that my bursa was inflamed. RUDE! They gave me an anti-inflam and told me to take it easy. I went into work late and limped around ALL DAY.

After work, I went over to Stef’s house and caught up with her and Vig. It was good to see those two! After that I came home and spent a ridiculous amount of time putting together my graduation announcements. I was SO excited to send those puppies out.
Graduation Announcement

Friday morning, I woke up bright and early and headed to the Huntsman Cancer Screening. I love this event! It’s so important to get your creepy moles checked out – go and doooo it. HCI Skin Cancer 2013 28

HCI Skin Cancer 2013 42
I got to take some flowers up to the ICU – so pretty.
HCI Skin Cancer 2013 46

After HCI (we saw 316 patients, btw!) I headed to Park City with Stef, Jackie and Vig to see our friends (new city skyline) play a show.
We were superstars:
New City Skyline Star Bar April 13, 2013 72

New City Skyline Star Bar April 13, 2013 63

New City Skyline Star Bar April 13, 2013 69

New City Skyline Star Bar April 13, 2013 81

The band did great, per usual.
New City Skyline Star Bar April 13, 2013 59

Sunday I got compliments all day:

Great weekend!



evo ’12 recap:

Just attended the third annual evo conf. Woooooo!

I got to hang with mickey and minnie mouse, ride the orange bubble express at the canyons, have sleepovers with my sisters and cousin Kim, ride the alpine coaster at the Park City Mountain Resort, attend a photography workshop with Justin Hackworth, and hand out my Mom it Forward business cards!

Till next year:

My sister Jyl is amazing. She is the most hardworking, compassionate, intelligent person I have ever met – congrats Lodi to throwing another amazing conference:



Yes, I am going to recap every day pt. 2

Registration started today — I can’t believe how many people I met for the first time IRL today at check-in! I feel like I know all my interweb friends, it’s been fun being able to finally meet them offline.

I attended Jennifer Stuart’s beginning WordPress class and then helped Jyl practice her Ignite Speech. Jyl spoke about how Social Media is a lot like pool jumping.


Here’s to taking the plunge,


I’ve got swag…..bags.

I drove up to The Grand Summit at the Canyons Resort on Tuesday night. I got to see snuggle my Mom, hang with the Mom it Forward team and get all settled in.  On Wednesday morning Piggy and I headed down to stuff swag bags. 

The bags were so cute this year! They were packed full of fun goodies. We blasted Coldplay and Lady Gaga as we stuffed, it was a good start.

Then my fam and I learned how to man the registration table. I did a little early check-in for myself. 

Freaking cute, right? I loved the name tags this year. After all the organizing, alphabetizing, stuffing and moving of bags/boxes I was sooo tired. Once back in our room, Piggy and I turned on some Showtime and laughed while we watched Weeds and the Big C.