ima junior college grad.

I heel kicked my way out of slcc last night.

(first attempt, I’m not going to lie was REALLY weak.)

(I really meant that one.)

I passed my last final and am now going to relax, work at the wonderful land of lotion with my fellow favorite christmas slaves elves and spend time with my friends, family and christmas tree.




Are over! Yay. As of late things that I love include:
It smells like fruity pebbles and it’s amazing. Go buy it.

-Amazing new album from The Black Keys:

-Chelsea Lately
-My Christmas Tree:

These songs from KOL on repeat:
Listen to me 1
Listen to me 2
Listen to me 3
Listen to me 4
My all time fav KOL song:
Listen to me 5 – Talihina Sky



Not Lying: It pays off.

Today I woke up at the crack of noon and reaaaaally didn’t want to work on/finish my presentation for my Mass Comm that was I scheduled to give at 4:00pm. I wrote a “Sorry, I can’t make it to class – I am mysteriously sick,” e-mail to my teacher.

Of course guilt took over and I drafted the e-mail and spent the next three and a half hours preparing for my presentation. When I got to school, I ran into a classmate walking in and I was informed that there was a power outage and that the South City campus was closed for the rest of the day.

SEE? I didn’t even have to lie to get out doing my presentation. Now I have ample time to get even more prepared for the scary 7-10 minutes alone in front of the class on Monday.

I love my life.


Also, I was rewarded with a prime parking spot and beautiful cotton candy skies: