Woo! Happy birthday, to me! I had a great day. Woke up to a balloon bombardment from my sissy, had fresh oj and my fave cereal for breakfast, went to lunch at Ned’s Krazy Sub, and out to dinner with all my amazing Johnson cousins and Aunts at Tia Rosas’ (one of the best mexi foods in AZ)..OH and I played pin the tail on the donkey.

I felt the birthday love all day long – so thanks!



An amazing day all around.



Saturday: Too tired to describe what this day was in a headline

The Sesame Street morning keynote was SUCH a good way to start my Saturday. The Whip my Hair back and forth video, I’m still laughing.

I attended the YouTube mid-morning session with Melinda and @Jenny on the Spot. Lunch was sponsored by McDonalds — go and get the Asian chicken salad RIGHT NOW. It was so delicious.

After lunch, I was workshopless and needing something to do — So I went on over to the WordPress happiness bar and got some help transferring from blogger to WordPress. AMAZING.

The ending keynote was given by Me Ra Koh. It was inspiring, heart-wrenching and a perfect way to end EVO’11.

Melinda and I rode the Gondola up to the Red Pine Lodge and after dinner, Melinda left and I was the only Johnson left. I decided that I wanted to stay at the Canyons and spend more time with Melissa and Jyl. After dinner though, Evo tradition held strong and 20+ attendees-sponsors-speakers jumped into the pool at Grand Summit with all their clothes on.

I think Justin Hackworth (Evo’11 photographer) said it the best:


A very tired B


I give credit to the pictures in this post to: Justin Hackworth, Trevor Christensen, Jessica Rosenberg, and Laurie Turk.