How to Not Fudge Up On Valentine’s Day

Oh boy. It’s that time of year again. The time when we’re dulled with grey skies and soggy grass. Luckily for us, in just a few weeks Cupid will make his annual appearance and turn those January frowns upside down. Here are a few Valentine’s Day tips to ensure you keep your “in a relationship” status on Facebook:

1. Guys: If the only memory you have of your last year’s Valentine’s date is sitting in the lobby of P.F. Changs for 2 hours, plan ahead this time. Most restaurants in the Salt Lake Valley start taking reservations a few weeks in advance.
2. Guys & Ladies: Planning on buying your sweetheart a gift? Great! But don’t wait until the last second. In stores after New Years, Valentine candies, cards, and gifts come out faster than boys at a Lady Gaga concert. There is no excuse to not have a gift in time. Not wanting to spend very much money? Check your local grocery store and pick up a card. Nothing says, “I love you,” more than you telling your significant other. Being sappy one day a year won’t kill you. Search if you need some tips on writing your own version of “roses are red.”
3. Guys & Ladies: Long distance relationships are hard, right? Well, they will be a lot harder if you forget to mail your babe their gift in time. Since Valentine’s falls on a Monday this year make sure to mail any cards or presents before then. Post Offices are open Monday-Saturday with business hours ranging between 7:00am-6:00pm (depending on location).
4. Guys & Ladies: How many stuffed animals holding a pink heart can one person receive and/or give? If you decide to give gifts, being creative doesn’t have to be complex. Some simple gift ideas include: making your lover their favorite meal; leaving sweet love notes around for them to find; sneaking a mixed CD with their favorite songs into their car CD player; or doing an activity you hate, but they love.
5. Ladies: Be honest with yourself and face the reality that you most likely don’t deserve a diamond necklace or a million red roses. If you are feeling down about what your boyfriend has planned, just think back on the time he sat through Twilight with you. Enough said.

With birthdays and anniversaries already hard to remember, making yet another holiday special for your significant other might seem like too much to handle. Take a deep breath. Just because it’s the “Day of Love,” doesn’t mean you have to rent a Rolls Royce and have dinner at La Caille. There are plenty of ways to have a successful, stress free and, call me crazy, enjoyable Valentine’s Day this year. Good luck.



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  1. Your probs legendary status in your class for having the nerve to include the Lady Gaga comment. Hahaha! This "news article" is awesome!

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