My sissy/boss is in Paris and I am freezing my tush off in the LNCO at the U.

Wednesday Jan 17, 2013 3But, luckily for me I got to hear from Doug McMarlin, former White House aide via FaceTime. He talked about planning inaugural events for the President.

Wednesday Jan 17, 2013 9

So interesting because I was just reading the other day that the 2013 inaugural committee for Pres. Obama has developed a smartphone app to keep you in touch with inaugural events. How far we have come! You can stream video, see pictures, and connect with different inaugural events close to you.

Wednesday Jan 17, 2013 4


In other news, I have been starting to get stuff that I have ordered for Meli’s birthday in the mail! Woohoo! Yesterday, I got her handmade (so silly) Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired sleepmask.  I CAN’T WAIT TO GIVE IT TO HER.

Wednesday Jan 17, 2013 1



Oh, p.s. I slipped on ice walking to my car tonight.

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